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Viscose fabrics

Viscose fabrics

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Comoposition:Viscose/Rayon fabric
Finish:Grey,PFD,White,Dyed,Yarn dyed,Printed
Weight(g/㎡): gsm to gsm
Product Use:Shirts, underwear, T-shirts, Pajamas

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R30X30 68X68 63”  67 53/54”   56/57”  
R32X32 68X68 67” 56/57”  
R40X40 100X80 63” 65    
R45X45 100X76 65” 55/56”  
R60X60 90X88 65” 55/56”  
R30X24 91X68  2/2 63’ 53/54”


The earliest man-made textile fiber is called viscose fiber, and it is also the most commonly used regenerated cellulose fiber. It has the main characteristics of cotton and linen, but the strength is lower than that of cotton and linen. Viscose filament, also known as rayon, can be woven into delicate and beautiful imitation silk products.

1. Viscose fiber is breathable and soft, and has good dyeability and color fastness, so the color of viscose fiber fabric will be very rich, and it will not easily fade after washing and sun exposure.

2. Viscose fiber is a highly hygroscopic fabric among synthetic fibers, and its humidity meets the physiological requirements of human skin. Viscose also has the title of "breathable fabric". May not have the comfort of cotton, but the comfort of a cotton-wool blend fabric will be greatly improved.

3. Viscose fiber belongs to chemical fiber fabric and has antistatic function. Even in dry winters, viscose pants don't "stick legs". Even if the fabric is often rubbed, it is not easy to generate static electricity, and viscose is used in many sportswear.

4. Viscose fiber is a nano-threaded molecular structure, which determines that the fabric will have good air permeability, and the viscose fiber fabric will be breathable after wearing it.

5. Viscose fiber also has anti-ultraviolet, anti-moth, heat resistance and other properties. It has great comprehensive advantages and comprehensive uses, and is a kind of fabric currently used in the clothing field.

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