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Hemp Cotton Blended Fabirc Grey&dyed&print

Hemp Cotton Blended Fabirc Grey&dyed&print

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Comoposition: Hemp Cotton Blended fabric
Finish:Grey,PFD,White,Dyed,Yarn dyed,Printed
Weight(g/㎡): 110gsm to 280gsm
Product Use:Tops, Coats,

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Normal Specification

The following ratios are some of the previous ones, and we can also customize them according to the needs of customers. If you have further needs, please feel free to contact me.
Hemp/Cotton 70/30
Hemp/Cotton 55/45
Hemp/Cotton 85/15


1.Characteristics of hemp cotton fabric: the yarn is delicate and skin-friendly; the fabric is stiff, moisture-wicking, breathable, heat-dissipating, smooth and textured, wrinkle-resistant and not easy to deform. The fastness is high, and the vision will be more beautiful.

2.Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear: The top of the hemp fiber has a blunt and curved structure, and there is no sharp top like the ramie, so it is comfortable to wear without itching. And hemp fiber is the softest of all hemp fibers, avoiding the roughness of other hemp products.

3. Safe and pollution-free: Because hemp fiber has the function of resisting various bacteria, diseases and insect pests, it does not need to use any chemicals during the whole growth process, and it is a typical green crop. Hemp, together with organic cotton, has become a globally recognized ecological and environmental protection characteristic resource and a rare and precious resource, comparable to non-ordinary cotton spinning products and linen spinning products.

4.Excellent anti-ultraviolet function: Hemp fiber has excellent anti-ultraviolet radiation function, which can shield more than 95% of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, hemp fabric is an excellent choice for outdoor sports fabrics.

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