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Other Linen Blended Fabric Grey&dyed&print

Other Linen Blended Fabric Grey&dyed&print

Short Description:

Comoposition:Linen and other fiber blended fabric
Finish:Grey,PFD,White,Dyed,Yarn dyed,Printed,Natural linen
Weight(g/㎡):110gsm to 280gsm
Product Use: Suit and Trousers

Product Detail

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Normal Specification

Linen and Tencel blended fabric
Linen and Polyester blended rabric
Linen and modal blended fabric
Linen and wool blended fabric
We can customize according to customer needs, if you need to customize, please feel free to consult


Because the length of linen fiber is relatively long, with an average length of 25MM, linen fiber can be well combined with other fibers to form the yarn we want, so that the fabric can integrate the characteristics of both and meet people's needs. It not only meets the requirements of feel, but also meets the requirements of performance. The structure characteristics of flax blended fiber flax fiber is covered on the surface of yarn, and other blended fiber as the core, according to foreign relevant information, if the flax fiber blended yarn (30%), can achieve the purpose of flax fiber coated yarn surface area, thus blended yarn is still in nature belongs to hemp products, have good linen characteristic, Such as hygroscopic, antibacterial, wear-resisting, anti-pilling, fire prevention, anti-ultraviolet and other functions, and because of the wet blended fabric, it also has the characteristics of another kind of fiber, giving us a lot of play and imagination space. In recent years, our company continuously research and innovation, research and development and production of more and more flax containing new fibers.To meet the needs of different customers.

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