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Linen Viscose Blended Fabric , Dyed, AOP, and Yarn dyed

Linen Viscose Blended Fabric , Dyed, AOP, and Yarn dyed

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Comoposition:Linen Viscose blended fabric
Finish:Grey,PFD,White,Dyed,Yarn dyed,Printed,Natural linen
Weight(g/㎡):140gsm to 280gsm
Product Use: Suit, trousers and decorative cloth art

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L/V55/45 4.5X4.5 26X31 1/1 63” 53/54” 280
L/V55/45 10X10 44X38 1/1 63” 53/54” 185-190
L/V55/45 12X12 48X40 4/1 63” 53/54”  
L/V55/45 15X15 54X52 1/1 63” 53/54” 150
L/V55/45 20X20 60x56 1/1 63” 53/54” 140
VISCOSE30/2XL14 54X52 1/1 63” 53/54” 175-185


Linen is a natural fiber with good air permeability. Its disadvantage is that it is hard and rough, and it can prick the skin a little. Viscofiber is a synthetic fiber, but it is also a man-made fiber based on natural cellulose.  Has smooth cool, breathable, antistatic, dyestuff flowery, hygroscopicity good advantage.  

Flax and viscose are complementary in many aspects. Due to the particularity of flax fiber and viscose fiber properties, there are certain difficulties in the selection of technology, control and equipment, which directly affect the color effect and quality of its printing.  Now, with the progress of research and development of flax adhesive printing technology, the color and saturation of printing has been greatly improved, and the product grade has been significantly improved.

The combination of flax fiber and viscose fiber improves the wear resistance of the fabric and makes it more practical.

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