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Linen knitted fabrics are making a come back

Linen knitted fabric now is in a very competitive situation, every year a large number of new fabrics are developed, including jacquard fabrics and bamboo fiber fabrics and so on. Linen knitted fabrics can be regarded as one of the old products, which have been facing a shrinking market for some time. But with the continuous progress of technology, the development of the fabric has entered a new stage, and the traditional defects of easy wrinkling have been gradually improved, which makes linen knitted fabric gradually emerge in the international market and has the qualifications to make a comeback.

As a new feature, the development of this fabric has attracted much attention, and its proportion in the international market is also expanding. As far as its specific development projects are concerned, it generally includes the following points:

Linen knitted fabrics are making a come back (1)

1. Linen shirt
This kind of clothing can better reflect the unique style of linen fabric itself, and the processing difficulty is also very low, which is an indispensable component of shirt clothing.

Linen knitted fabrics are making a come back (2)

2. Linen T-shirt
This kind of clothing is also very popular and highly praised, more suitable for the needs of small batch production, and has a very wide range of application prospects.

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3.Linen dress
This kind of clothing combines the characteristics of linen moisture absorption and soft and smooth knitting, which is cool and shows the curve of the figure, elegant and beautiful.
With the deepening of development, the future application field will be further expanded, of course, this can not be separated from the continuous updating of the corresponding mechanical products.

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Analysis of the development trend of flax knitted fabric, the city prevailing flax knitted cloth clothes, home textiles, DIY. Delicate texture, show texture, with warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable and comfortable, green and environmental protection and other characteristics of linen commodities, is becoming the current fashion new trend.
Flax is the earliest natural plant fiber used by human beings, which has a history of 10,000 years ago. Flax has been used to make clothes since ancient times. Linen made of clothes, with sweat absorption, breathable, conditioning temperature and other characteristics. In Europe, flax was a sign of status and place. In our country, flax as one of the first worsted fiber crops, known as "hemp in the queen", the history of flax manufacturing is also very long.
Flax clothing, once considered "old-fashioned" by Chinese people, has been popular among fashionable people in the past two years, and the prevailing momentum is surprising. Whether in clothing stores, or fashion stores, the first touch with the word "linen" clothing are particularly good sales.
REURO BAST TEXTILE let more consumers love flax, flax civilization. The trend of returning to simplicity and the surging of the concept of advocating natural life, linen is a natural fabric with its green, environmental protection and low carbon, quickly set off a fresh fashion wind.
Linen clothing with an all-natural raw material to bring the fresh wind of fashionable clothing. Flax fiber is soft, strong, shiny, wear-resistant, small water absorption, fast water dispersing, coupled with modern and profound textile and clothing skills, flax clothing is more delicate texture, high-end luster, showing a person's elegant inner and youthful vitality.
It is not occasionally that linen fashions are blowing. In this era of environmental protection and low carbon, pure natural raw materials and pure "green" clothes are just the new concept that everyone seeks to wear.

Post time: Jul-28-2022