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Linen Fabric of 2023

Flax fiber is the oldest textile fiber in the world, and fabrics made of flax fiber are widely used as industrial supplies such as clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, tablecloths, bedding and automotive supplies. With the emergence of new varieties, new technologies, new spinning methods, new weaving methods and new finishing processes, the development momentum of the linen products industry is getting better and better.
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It is expected that the market size of China’s flax fiber will increase by 3.4% year-on-year in 2023. With the virtue of good air permeability, strong moisture absorption, antibacterial and deodorant, etc., linen fabrics will still be widely used in clothing, home decoration, home textile products and other fields. The demand for linen fabrics is expected to increase in 2023 amid rising consumer concerns about sustainability and environmental friendliness. The natural, eco-friendly and durable properties of linen make it an essential part of a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, the range of linen fabrics is constantly expanding and new fields of application are emerging. In order to cope with the competition in the linen yarn-dyed fabric market in 2023, enterprises can focus on brand building and differentiation strategies, improve product quality and innovation, grasp market trends and consumer needs, develop online sales channels, and use new technologies such as social media, Improve brand image and user experience.
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Post time: Apr-10-2023