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100% Rayon Yarn for Knitting and Woven

100% Rayon Yarn for Knitting and Woven

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Viscose yarn /Rayon yarn : 7S, 10S, 13S, 16S, 21S, 30S, 32S, 40S,50S ,60S,80,
Viscose fiber is made of natural wood, reed, cotton staple fiber and other cellulose as raw material, through chemical processing, divided into filament and staple fiber two kinds. Filament is also called rayon or viscose silk.
We are supplying viscose yarn/rayon yarn, vortex spinning air spinning viscose yarn and siro spun rayon yarn, tight viscose yarn, using lenzing(ECOVERO), sateri raw materials such as raw materials, through the index of Worcester, uniform evenness, hairiness, less electricity qing no knot, high strength, automatic winding, for knitting and woven , to ensure the high efficiency of the use of products, customers praise, product supply. Perennial specifications: 10, 16, 21, 32, 40, 50, 60, 80, etc., the other number can be customized and produced according to customer requirements.

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